Country Trademark & Patent Offices Baianat IP Offices Special Notes
GCC Gulf Cooperation Council Patent Office (GCCPO) is closed. All the operations will be implemented online. Working remotely



The work is suspended at the headquarters of the GCC Patent Office, until further notice.  However, all online services will be maintained.  Meanwhile, all Patent application deadlines along with its executives’ regulations will be prorogated until the resumption of work.

The procedures (filing new applications, registration of completions, amendments, responding to notices issued by the office, grievances submission, and conducting all financial operations) related to the processing of patent applications filed with the GCC Patent Office to be implemented via  “Hemayah” Platform



Kingdom of Saudi Arabia The Saudi Authority of Intellectual Property is operational online. Working remotely


* : saudi@baianat-ip.com


SAIP extended the deadlines related to office action, filing, payment of grant and annuity/ renewal fees until May 30th starting March 27th.

Online procedures are available through: Saip.gov.sa


United Arab Emirates UAE TMO & PTO Services are online. Working remotely


* : dubai@baianat-ip.com

All intellectual property matters are carried on as usual using online platform.

The Trademark Opposition division has suspended all face to face hearings, but appointed hearings will continue based on written submissions.

The super legalization procedures for documents are carried also online. However, we require from our clients to send it a week before the due deadline as the process may take longer than the usual.


Kuwait Trademark and patent offices have suspended operations until the 18th of June. Working remotely


* : Kuwait@baianat-ip.com

Trademark services and online payments are suspended until further notice. Courts and all governmental institutions are closed until resumption of work.
Bahrain TMO and PTO in Bahrain are operational, working on capacity of 30%. Working remotely


* : bahrain@baianat-ip.com

Online filing and payments are available for trademark and patent services. For other procedures, filing and payments are being made before the registrar as usual. Deadlines and hearing sessions are maintained, and no extensions are being announced so far.

However, the percentage of work from home in ministries, government agencies and institutions are being raised to a maximum of 70% of the number of employees from April 5, 2020 until further notice, as announced by the Bahrain government recently. For any effect with the workflow in ministries and court, updates shall be provided accordingly.


Courier service is also operational, and documents are being received safely.

Qatar The TMO and PTO are working on 20% capacity only Working remotely


* : qatar@baianat-ip.com

Trademark and patent applications are available online as well as payments of new patent and trademark applications including renewals, oppositions and appeals. For other procedures, we are awaiting further notice from the Ministry.
Oman TMO and PTO are closed until further notice. Working remotely


* : oman@baianat-ip.com


The Omani Office has suspended all the procedures until further notice.

We are awaiting further notice from the Ministry regarding a future online system.

Jordan Fully operational Working from the office


* : Jordan@baianat-ip.com



Lebanon The Lebanese Trademarks office is now operational. Working remotely


* : Lebanon@baianat-ip.com



The trademark office is now receiving the applications.
Palestine (West Bank) All governmental institutions are now fully operational.


Working remotely


* : palestine@baianat-ip.com



  1. All deadlines for filing documentary evidence, counterstatement to opposition falling due between March 15 – June 5 , 2020 have been extended to June 27 , 2020
  2. Deadline for filing oppositions against trademarks published in official gazette No. 27 Issued on 18 December 2019 have been extended to June 27 , 2020
  3. Deadline for filing oppositions against trademarks published in official gazette No. 28 Issued on 26 January 2020 have been extended to July 27 , 2020
  4. Deadline for filing oppositions against trademarks published in official gazette No. 29 Issued on 13 February 2020 , have been extended to August 27 , 2020
  5. Deadline for filing oppositions against trademarks published in official gazette No. 30 Issued on 05 March 2020 , have been extended to August 27 , 2020
  6. There will be no penalty for late renewal of any trademark falling due between March 15 – June 27 , 2020


Palestine (Gaza Strip) The Trademark Office is now fully operational. Working remotely  
Iraq Iraqi Trademark Office is only accepting renewals and opposition transactions starting 24th April. Remaining transactions are kept on hold until further notice. Working remotely


* : iraq@baianat-ip.com


The Iraqi Trademarks Office will not accept new trademark applications and/or follow-up any trademark until resumption of work.
Yemen The Yemeni TMO and PTO have suspended the work of 80% of the employees until further notice. Working remotely


* : Yemen@baianat-ip.com


The courts are currently on judicial leave until after Ramadan.
Egypt Egyptian Trademarks and Designs office resumed work on the 14th April, receiving 5 agents per day only. the Egyptian Patent Office operates from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and it only accepts applications.

Egypt courts work on restrained capacity; however, all sessions are administratively postponed.



Working remotely


* : egypt@baianat-ip.com


Patents online payments for examination, annuities and translation verification is available. While, the response to patent examination can still be sent by email.

Legal deadlines have been extended from the 25th of March to the 25th  of June.

There is, however, no online payment for trademark.


Libya The trademark and patent office in Libya is now operational. Working remotely


* : libya@baianat-ip.com


Tunisia The National Institute for Standardization and Industrial Property (INNORPI) is working from 8:30Am to 1:30PM. Working remotely


* : tunisia@baianat-ip.com


Algeria The Algerian Institute of Intellectual Property (INAPI) is open with restricted business hours. It operates Sunday through Thursday from 8:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m.  For non-residents, they will be able to apply online through the INAPI website. Working remotely


* : Jordan@baianat-ip.com

A grace period of ONE month will be granted for the documents that should have been submitted and falling from the date of 22nd March 2020.
Morocco Morocco had declared a state of emergency and restrictions on free movement until the 10th of July. The Moroccan Trademark and Patent Office suspended all the deadlines starting from the 24th of March. Working remotely


* : morocco@baianat-ip.com


All procedures are online or can be sent by the agent via a dedicated email.
Turkey The Turkish Patent and Trademark office is serviceable online. Working remotely


* : turkey@baianat-ip.com


the legal and administrative periods, including prescription and limitation periods concerning the acquiring, exercising and expiring of any right, had been suspended until the 15th of June.

In this respect, the periods will start to proceed as of June 16, 2020.



For any urgent enquiry, please contact us at

saudi@baianat-ip.com or +962 79860 5031









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